Violeta Moizé, Ph.D
Clinical and Research Nutritionist-Dietitian
Hospital Clinic

Violeta Moizé received her doctoral degree in Food and Nutrition (Food and Nutrition Program) from the Barcelona University-(UB 2017). She has also completed a Masters degree in both Food Design and Innovation (UB 2011) and Public Health (UB 1998) and a Bachelor of Science and Technology of Food (Autonomous University of Barcelona 2008) and has been certified as a Registered Dietitian since 1996 (UB). Recently, she was awarded a Marie Curie Grant to conduct independent clinical research during a 3 year research fellowship at the New York Obesity and Nutrition Research Center of Columbia University under the mentorship of Prof. Xavier Pi-Sunyer and Blandine Lafèrrère (2013-2016.NY). Since February 2017 she has resumed her clinical, teaching and research activities in the Functional Unit of Obesity of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, where she has been a staff nutritionist since 2000.